UGC & Influencer Marketing

Not just ANY old form of content marketing but User Generated Content (UGC)

As paid advertising channels battle with rising CPMs and data protection laws, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that a rock solid base in organic content marketing is becoming increasingly important.

Sometimes you’re just one creative away from completely exploding your brand. With Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat and more interruptive based advertising platforms increasingly taking away control from advertisers and more into the algorithms, it’s up to human ingenuity to find content that not only resonates with your audience but… CONVERTS!

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Essential To Your Marketing

UGC IS now not just a ‘nice to have’ as part of your organic marketing strategy but a cornerstone piece of any paid marketing and organic marketing strategy. A trend born in the Ecommerce space is now commonplace in almost all industry verticals including the B2B SaaS space.


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