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Has iOS14 and iOS15 left you confused about how to market effectively?

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Seriously, why Apple, why did you go and do that to us?

Before the iOS14 update, everything was dandy, scaling was simple and sales came in like clockwork.

The algorithms blessed Ecom stores and other online brands alike with predictable sales and all was well.

Now CPMs are even higher, and now you can forget about what the Facebook or Google ads manager tells you. It’s like the whole ethos of attributable marketing has vanished into the ether and businesses are advertising blind.

So what now?

Go back to posting flyers and newspaper ads? (Hey, I’ve heard radio might be a good idea)

Not quite.

See, hate to break it to you, but iOS had very little to do with diminishing ad performance. Of course it doesn’t help, but quite frankly, all iOS14 and iOS15 did was expose brands and marketers that had become too reliant on technology to do the heavy lifting.

The problem is that many ‘paid traffic’ specialists became complacent. The algorithms did all the work of finding the right people in front of the right products.

Think of it this way, if you place hotdogs infront of a starving crowd, said hotdog does not even need to taste great or even on par with consumer expectations. Heck, it could even be made of 50% sawdust and noone would be any wiser.

So many media buyers and marketers became sloppy. It became a question of ‘who can hack this piece of technology better’, or ‘who knows which buttons to press in which order?’

Quite frankly, anyone could learn this and the media buyers took the credit.

All the while true marketing principles were forgotten.

And when the inevitable rise of consumers asking for more privacy finally affected advertisers, they blamed the tools.

Not us.

We’ve doubled down on our research and fundamental direct response marketing principles. And our clients are reaping the results

Machines may be getting smarter, ever threatening to make humans redundant, but humans have an edge.

Creativity and compassion.

To survive in a more data protected world, marketers MUST understand who their customer is, why they buy and how they can position products and services to channel demand.

Our proven process has allowed our brands to start spending as much if not more than what they were spending pre-iOS even.

We blend the bleeding edge of technology and tracking with new creativity with Content: UGC + Influencer Marketing and content creation strategies to allow brands to find angles and ads that LAST.

With a system that SCALES.

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