How we brought a Real Estate Startup back to full capacity


This startup in East London that provided small business owners with affordable offices using incredible upcycled shipping containers were struggling with acquiring enquiries from small business owners.

They had been using Facebook and Instagram, and it had been going quite well previously until their cost per enquiry shot up to as much as £900 per enquiry in 2021.

This was completely unsustainable and their efforts had to be closed down.

They reached out to us to see if we could help. After an audit it became apparent that they had been using methods that would have worked the year prior but as we talk about in our Paid Advertising section, the methods they were using so successfully became outdated fast.

What We Did

We took a deep dive of their current advertising campaigns, and we had to admit, their campaign structures were already quite good. For a moment, we weren’t sure that we could actually improve upon the existing results.

Until we noticed that their Paid Advertising was weak in Content: UGC + Influencer Marketing they had incredible assets, but none of it was being used.

Ads Manager Results

There also was no clear automated follow up process so we comnined our expertise in Funnel Builds and CRO and Email + SMS Marketing + Automations to produce an automated follow up system that would automatically nurture and follow up on leads. Acquiring all the leads in the world is useless unless you can capitalise on them effectively.

The end result

17 newly completed contracts wit Tenants in the space of just 4 months of working together, refilling this startup back to full capacity.

“They really take the time to understand our business” Shraga Z of Containerville