How we Scaled and more than Tripled revenue for an Ecommerce brand that was ‘stuck at a spend ceiling’


A skincare brand was struggling to scale beyond a set revenue mark in paid advertising. Whenever they increased their advertising spend on the Meta platform, their performance would decrease, making their advertising non scalable.

What we did

We heavily tested new creatives, implementing Content: UGC + Influencer Marketing at scale to really understand what consumers resonated with the most. We tested hypotheses rigorously and always making sure to back up theories with data. We eventually landed on 3 key angles that we based more content on.

End Results

We went from spending 20k/month on ads for this skincare client…

…to more than tripling that spend the next year

Disclaimer: Now, because of iOS14 the ROAS figures are not quite right and the ROAS sat on average at 2.5x as we scaled. Bear in mind that no Ecommerce founder is foolish enough to raise their advertising spend if they’re not seeing returns.

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