How this tech company got 10s of thousands of signups for their new software


This SaaS business was serving traders looking to invest and trade in an automated way without using a single line of code. They neededd to show investors that they were growing, and growing fast at that, so they reached out to us to see if we could help

What we did

The biggest challenge with this company was ramping up as quickly as possible. They had no creatives, no previous assets and their website was still in progress. We not only needed to setup campaigns quickly, but we also needed to get creatives and content made fast:

We used our agile creative brainstorming and creation methods to quickly come up with some angles that would work well for this industrry. We tested hypotheses fast, killing anything that did not match KPIs

End result

We managed to aquire over 18000 signups in just over 3 months spending just $21,000 the industry standard for cost per signup is $10 so safe to say we managed to even impress ourselves.